Installation Notes

additional parts required

Nissan Micra CG engine

Any CG engine from a K11 Micra can be used, including automatics.

Micra engine codes

CG10DE – 998cc
CG13DE – 1275cc
CGA3DE – 1348cc

D7E29 Micra starter motor

This starter is fitted to facelift and automatic engines, mounted on the engine side of the flywheel.

‘Coil pack’ flywheel

Identifiable by the additional set of teeth for the crankshaft position sensor, fitted to all facelift / post 2000 manual cars. These engines are easily identified by the lack of distributor and HT leads, replaced by individual coils on each sparking plug. This flywheel is necessary to locate the clutch correctly relative to the slave cylinder and to properly mesh with the starter motor.

Transmission modification

The BMC ‘rib-case’ transmission requires minor modification to clear the Nissan CG cylinder head and repositioned starter motor.

Note that the early ‘smooth-case’ transmission will not work with this conversion as the splines on the input shaft do not extend far enough to engage the clutch.

Cooling system

The thermostat outlet should feed directly into the top of the radiator.

The bottom outlet of the radiator should feed to the water pump, either directly or using the Nissan water rail.

The 13mm spigot provided must be fitted into the cylinder head and plumbed into the bottom hose return from the radiator to provide a bypass to allow the engine to correctly get to temperature. The bypass can pass through the heater matrix but must not be restricted.

There is no provision made for a mechanically driven fan so a thermostatically controlled electric fan is recommended.

Fuel and Ignition

In all cases a suitably specified electric fuel pump is required as the Nissan engine does not incorporate a mechanical pump.

To get the best from the conversion we recommend using an aftermarket programable ECU from a reputable supplier. The engine tune can then be optimised to suit the installation with either fuel injection or carburettors.

The Micra distributor can only be used in conjunction with the Nissan ECU and required relocation of the heater. A Lucas distributors can be adapted to fit. We advise using a crankshaft position sensor reading the 60-2 trigger wheel integral to the flywheel.