Conversion Kit

The A-Series to CG Engine Conversion Kit provides the parts required to replace the BMC A-Series engine with a Nissan Micra CG engine.

Engine mounting brackets

The engine mounting brackets sit the engine on the original rubber mounts. The L/H mount doubles as the alternator mount. 

Gearbox adaptor plate

The gearbox is bolted to the engine with a CNC machined adaptor plate which also supports the starter motor and optional crankshaft position sensor bracket.

Spigot bearing and carrier

The gearbox input shaft is supported by a sealed ball bearing in a CNC machined carrier bolted to the crankshaft.

Thermostat Housing Assembly

The standard Nissan housing is replaced with a billet CNC machined housing to provide clearance to the heater & battery tray. A new thermostat and spigot for the coolant bypass as also included.

Serpentine Belt Assembly

A complete front belt drive system consisting of a belt, 2 idler wheels, idler studs and alternator tensioner

Clutch Kit

A hybrid clutch using a Nissan Micra clutch cover and a 7,25” 1098 BMC friction plate is used. The clutch release arm and slave cylinder on the BMC gearbox are replaced with a Ford concentric slave cylinder.

Fastener kit

A comprehensive kit of all fasteners required

Oil pickup pipe and sump

It is necessary to modify the sump pan and fit a custom oil pickup pipe to clear the front cross member.

The pickup pipe is made from a CNC machined manifold and CNC bent tube.

Sump modification can either be done to the drawing and instructions provided or a new, modified sump can be supplied.

Crankshaft pulley wheel and bolt

The standard crankshaft pulley requires shortening to clear the front cross member of a Spridget chassis. A bespoke low profile crank bolt is provided. The damper is easy to modify on a hobby lathe or can be modified on an exchange basis.