Spridget 5 Speed Gearbox Kit

Kit for A-Series Midgets and Sprites to replace the 4 speed transmission with a Suzuki R7ME 5 speed unit.

  • By using the original mounting points there is no need to remove cross members here!
  • The gearbox is significantly more robust than the original BMC 4 speed, with synchromesh on all forward gears and a 0.86:1 overdrive 5th.
  • The gearstick is in the stock location with a bespoke shifting mechanism offering tight and precise selection.
  • The kit also upgrades the flywheel to a lightweight billet steel design compatible with a modern 190mm clutch with a 150Nm torque capacity. The reduced inertia allows the engine to rev more freely but care has been taken to ensure there is no compromise on idle quality.
  • The carbon release bearing is replaced with a reliable roller bearing and the temperamental hydraulics make way for a bolt-on cable swap, for both early and late pedal boxes. Clutch operation is smooth with a light pedal and progressive biting point.
  • A new aluminium backplate is included to mount the Suzuki gearbox to the 1275 engine. Starting is improved also, with a 1.4kW pre-engaged starter motor. This means that while the Suzuki gearbox is marginally heavier than the 4 speed, the car ends up lighter.

Kit includes:

  • Aluminium back plate
  • Rear gearbox mounting bracket and AV mounts
  • Gear change mechanism
  • Billet flywheel (4.5kg)*
  • High torque starter motor (1.4kW)
  • 190mm clutch kit (150Nm torque capacity)
  • Propshaft
  • Clutch cable conversion kit (early and late pedal boxes)
  • Fastener kit
  • Gaskets

Additional parts required:

  • Suzuki Jimny R7ME gearbox
  • Electric speedometer and sensor

* To suit 6 bolt 1275cc Midget crankshaft. For 948, 1098cc and Marina applications please contact us.


Different propshaft lengths to suit other applications can be supplied on request

A 50mm hole has to be drilled in the transmission tunnel to access the oil fill plug