Type 9 Transmissions

There are a lot of vehicles which have been upgraded with a 5 speed Ford Type 9 transmission. In cases where a custom bellhousing has been used the Nissan CG engine can also be retrofitted. The bellhousing will require the same modification as the standard gearbox to clear the Nissan cylinder head and starter motor.

A 7,25″ / 184mm diameter clutch plate with the Ford 1″ x 23 tooth spline is required if the standard Micra clutch cover is to be used. Alternatively the flywheel can be re-drilled to suit an appropriate clutch assembly.

We advise that a concentric slave cylinder is fitted and correctly spaced to suit the Nissan clutch.

Due to the variations in conversion specifications a dedicated kit is not available, however please contact us and we will endeavour supply the necessary parts.

Any 5 speed conversions which utilises an adaptor plate will unfortunately not compatible with the Nissan CG engine conversion kit at this time.