Prototype A-Series 5 speed kit

Introducing our prototype A-Series 5 speed kit! Road testing is tantalisingly close now, we can’t wait.

A challenge we have had to overcome to get the the Suzuki Jimny gearbox to fit into the Spridget chassis is the gear change.

In the Suzuki the shift housing is a separate casting sitting too far back for our application. We have successfully welded housings to the gearbox in the past but want a simple, bolt on solution that negates the need for donor parts and a lot of time consuming modification work.

After several design iterations, multiple prototypes and many hours of work this is what we have come up with;

A modern gearbox is all well and good but a clutch is equally important. To get around relatively shallow bellhousing in the Suzuki gearbox we have designed a new flywheel with a 190mm clutch. This has a torque capacity of over 150Nm but with a pedal no heavier than the original.

The cable operated Suzuki roller release bearing and arm make failed carbon bearings, leaking slave cylinders and worn clutch forks a thing of the past.

As an added bonus, the billet flywheel weighs only 4.5kg. The reduced inertia really brings the engine to life without losing idle quality.

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