Dyno Day!

We have often been asked how our Nissan engine conversion compares to a ‘normal’ Midget engine, which is a fair question to ask and one we wanted to know ourselves. As we are all too aware, rolling road figures can vary massively due to differences in calibration, correction factor and general levels of fudgery. To … Continue reading Dyno Day!

Meet Ruby!

Say hello and meet our newest recruit, Ruby!This lovely 1970 MG will be our dedicated development and testing car and will soon be upgraded with the prototype of our Suzuki 5 speed gearbox kit. She’ll then be put through her paces for several thousand miles, ensuring we can quality check the kit before releasing it to … Continue reading Meet Ruby!

barratt engineering, billet flywheels

Devil in the Detail

It’s often said that the devil is in the detail, or in the case of these flywheels the devil happens to be in their diameters – which are unfortunately not up to spec and require further attention. With every part, we aim to meet the highest standards of product quality and customer satisfaction through inspection. … Continue reading Devil in the Detail

TKC Magazine

Don’t forget to pick up a copy of this month’s tkc magazine to see the full feature on Barratt Engineering and the Midget conversion kits!


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