MG Midget Nissan CG Engine Conversion

The Perfect Upgrade

The Nissan Micra CG engine is the perfect upgrade for the MG Midget, offering increased performance, economy and durability.

This kit provides the parts required to replace an A-Series engine with a lightweight twin cam engine, while retaining the original BMC ‘ribcase’ transmission. This is a cost effective alternative to rebuilding an original engine without changing the feel or balance of the car.

No modifications to the chassis are required making the conversion totally reversible.

full kits from £1275

Why the Nissan CG Engine?

The BMC A-Series engine was built under licence by Nissan in the 1950s who used it as a basis for developing their own engines. 30 years later it had become the all-aluminium DOHC CG series engine.

As the spiritual successor to the A-Series, despite being a significantly more modern design the CG’s dimensions have remained very close to its ancestor. Even the capacities have remained unchanged at 998 and 1275cc.

Today the engine is cheap and readily available, powering the hugely successful Nissan Micra K11 from 1992 to 2002.

There is an excellent aftermarket catering for these engines which offer great scope for further development.